Do you have any vehicles or do I find my own?

You may locate your own vehicle or you can call us and we will direct you to one of the many dealers from whom we buy vehicles. The bottom line is you will be driving the vehicle, not us. We want you to be satisfied with your choice!

Who provides insurance? What are the required limits?

You are responsible for providing proper insurance coverage with minimum liability limits of$500,000 CSL and deductibles for comprehensive and collision of$1,000.00 maximum. These are the requirements of our lease agreement. Your local transportation licensing authorities may require higher limits.

How is the vehicle titled and registered?

Titus Leasing Company is the Lessor/Owner of the vehicle and you are the Lessee of the vehicle. Title documents will normally list just the Owner and the Owner's address and the registration documents normally list the Lessee and the Lessee's address. However, this can vary in every titling jurisdiction. We are experienced in all aspect of title and registration paperwork in 43 states and will complete all necessary documents for you.

Is this lease tax deductible?

Unlike a purchase, your monthly lease payments may be fully tax-deductible. This depends on the type of lease you choose, so talk to your accountant or tax advisor and we will work with them and you to get you into the type of lease you need for full deductibility.

Are there penalties for early payout of my lease?

No, there is not a penalty for early lease termination. In simple terms, your payoff will be less than the sum of the remaining payments plus any residual.

What kinds of fees are associated with my lease?

We do not charge "Acquisition Fees", "Termination Fees", "Payoff Quotation Fees" or any other "Fees" charged by some of our competitors. This is just extra money in their pocket. These things are a part of our overall service to you.

After I am approved for a lease, how long until I can get my car?

Normally within 4 business days. We send lease agreements to you via FedEx for your signature. We provide you with a pre-paid, addressed FedEx airbill to return the signed documents to us. When we have these documents executed correctly and we have proof of insurance coverage, we pay for the car via FedEx.

Can I purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease?

Yes you can and we can work those terms out, up-front, in writing, before any documentation is signed.